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CHP Canada - Better Solutions

Jobs stimulate the economy. Rod Taylor and the CHP would put Canada back to work with a nationwide infrastructure stimulus package that would fix our cities, our highways and our bridges. Learn more

Rod Taylor and the CHP favour the elimination of all public funding of organizations that advocate or perform abortions. Abortion is the deliberate killing of an innocent human being, and therefore is a crime against God, the pre-born child, the mother and father, and society. It should be treated as such by the Government and must not be permitted or supported. Learn more

Rod Taylor and the CHP also strongly oppose euthanasia and assisted suicide under any circumstances. The Christian Heritage Party of Canada recognizes euthanasia and/or assisted suicide as bad public policy and would reject any laws being established to this end. Learn more

Deficit spending is theft — successive Liberal and Conservatives governments have been stealing money from our children and grandchildren to buy votes. It’s time to take responsibility for our national finances, eliminate our deficit, repay our debt and give future generations the same economic opportunities that we have enjoyed. Learn more

Due to careless government overspending, taxes are too high today and they pose a disincentive to work and save and an obstacle to reinvestment. CHP Canada's short-term solution would be "Lower, Simpler, Flatter Taxes" (as recommended by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation) and allowing full income-splitting for all married couples. Learn More

The CHP Family Care Allowance touches on child care, but in a way totally different from all of the other parties. It would provide $1000 per month to any family where one parent remains at home. It would also be available to families where one of the adult spouses remains at home to be the primary caregiver for their aged parent or disabled family member. Learn more

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