National Leader of the Christian Heritage Party of Canada


Due to careless government overspending, taxes are too high today and they pose a disincentive to work and save and an obstacle to reinvestment.

CHP Canada's short-term solution would be "Lower, Simpler, Flatter Taxes" (as recommended by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation) and allowing full income-splitting for all married couples (one man-one woman).

Over time, the CHP would initiate a national discussion on the elimination of all income taxes and the replacement of that revenue stream with a Fair Tax on goods and services. That would be a consumption tax rather than an income tax, regarded by many economists as the fairest form of taxation. This could not be done in one dramatic shift but would require a series of steps to implement.

However, our first priority must be to reduce the national debt and introduce balanced budget legislation to keep taxes from going even higher. Canadians deserve to be consulted on the form of taxation by which government services are provided.

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