National Leader of the Christian Heritage Party of Canada

Separation of Mosque and State

As I write this, Canada—under the direction of our new Prime Minister— is hurriedly preparing to welcome Syrian refugees by the tens of thousands and Canadian military bases are being turned into domestic refugee camps. Muslim prayer mats and Korans are being purchased by Canadian taxpayers for use on the bases and plans are being made to build “worship centres”, known in the real world as mosques.

The pomp and circumstance of all this panicked generosity is to present Canada as a “caring nation” and to show the depths of compassion and concern we have for the struggling and destitute. How long can such a fantasy be sustained? While military personnel—heretofore given their due respect as defenders of our nation—are being turned out of their lodgings to accommodate this wave of “instant immigrants”, our men and women in uniform abroad are being called off of their mission in Syria where they have been trying to defend the homes and cities from which these refugees are fleeing. Rather than defending the right of these people to exist and to remain in their own country, Canada now offers the “consolation prize” of a new life in Canada, even if we must throw caution to the wind and suspend our own military preparedness to do so.

Of course it must be pointed out that our PM does nothing to protect the most vulnerable and defenceless among us. On our shores, far from the front lines in Syria, approximately 100,000 Canadian babies are killed each year, a practice he strongly supports. If they were allowed to be born, each of them would already have a home. They would not require translators or ESL classes. They would not need taxpayer-funded Korans. They would not displace our military. About 274 are killed every day and our PM shows no concern.

In the blur of the “Syrian refugee crisis” the starving masses of South Sudan—many of them Christians—have not been mentioned. The UN estimates that over a million are on the verge of starvation and at least 40,000 will die imminently unless they receive aid. Persecuted Christians are being killed by the thousands and driven from their homes in North Korea, Eritrea, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and Libya, to name but a few countries and mostly in the name of Islam. There are literally millions of refugees in the world. We know we cannot help them all but why are Syrian refugees singled out as the “poster child” recipients of Canadian compassion?

The shocking travesty of Canadians being forced to fund a foreign religion can hardly be comprehended. Our own Christian heritage is mocked or ignored and the name of our God, whose values have been the foundation and guide of our great civilization, is often excluded from the public sphere. Yet Canadians are expected to sacrifice not only to provide food and shelter for the refugees but even to promote and encourage the practice of Islam on our military bases. Since when did Canada become responsible for the promotion of any religion?

The withdrawal of our fighter jets from the front-lines in Syria can only be seen as a defeat. To pretend that sending a few specialized units to train beleaguered nationals is “another way” of defeating ISIS is folly. We are either committed participants in the desperate struggle to defeat the many-headed horror of terrorism or we are casual observers. History will not be so kind as the liberal media in assessing this unnecessary retreat and the self-absorbed distraction of our ill-conceived refugee response. The CHP calls on the government to renew the battle against ISIS with vigour, to defend Syrian villagers in their own homeland and to stop the madness of mass, ill-vetted refugee importation.

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