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CHP Leader Calls on Harper to Protect Children From Radical Bureaucrats

Responding to yesterday’s announcement that Health Canada has approved the controversial abortifacient drug RU-486 (mifepristone), Christian Heritage Party leader, Rod Taylor, says it’s time for Prime Minister Harper and Health Minister Rona Ambrose to rein in bureaucrats who are implementing a radical social agenda with the apparent consent or approval of the government.

“This is just the latest breach of public trust that puts children at risk”, said Taylor, “in this case, pre-born infants, who are already under siege in Canada where there is no law to protect them right up to the moment of birth. The PM and the Health Minister surely knew this announcement was coming and if not they should have known. The debate over RU-486, which not only kills tiny babies but carries significant health risks for the unsuspecting women who use it, has been raging long and loud. For Health Canada to make this announcement on the eve of a federal election must be seen as a calculated move by this government to cater to the poor-choice lobby in hopes of retaining their collapsing grip on power. It won’t work of course; it never does. Those who compromise principles for power and sacrifice lives for personal advantage will find no respect, even from those they seek to please.”

The CHP leader said the Health Minister and the PM “certainly have a duty to protect children—born and pre-born—from anything which puts their lives and health at risk”. He expressed agreement with Mike Schouten, Director of WeNeedALaw, that the Health Minister should immediately issue an Interim Order suspending the decision of Health Canada. Taylor said that pro-lifers must hold the government to account if it will not act:

“The Minister cannot hide behind an arms-length approach. She has a solemn responsibility to protect children. The fact that 14 women have died in the US as a result of using RU-486 gives even more reason for Canadians to be alarmed and incensed that a government department designed to promote health should instead be used to implement death. Pregnancy is not a disease and RU-486 is not a cure. It is another money-grab by Big Pharma at the expense of innocent and trusting Canadians. We ask the PM and the Health Minister to act responsibly and prevent the tragic loss of life that will surely result from the public distribution of RU-486 in Canada”.

Taylor also called on incumbent Conservative MPs and aspiring Conservative candidates to use their influence—publicly and privately—to have Health Canada’s RU-486 approval put on hold. “Now is no time to remain silent”, he said. “Across the country, government ministers and MPs are busy making very showy displays of handing out taxpayer money to a variety of causes and projects in hopes of generating voter support at the polls. For government MPs and Conservative candidates to turn a blind eye to this blatant abuse of power would be shameful. Speak up! Now is the time to take a stand in defence of life and justice!”

The Christian Heritage Party of Canada is the only federal party committed to the “protection of innocent human life from conception until natural death”.

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