National Leader of the Christian Heritage Party of Canada

By-election Musings in the Hat

On the “morning after” Voting Day in Medicine Hat, we survey the scene and reflect on the current state of our democratic institutions and the fragility of our social fabric.

On the good side of the equation, the man elected to serve as MP, Conservative Glen Motz, is a Christian and takes on the challenges of office with good intentions. On many issues, I believe he respects the values that we in the Christian Heritage Party champion. When Elaine and I stopped by his campaign office to…

National Carbon Tax a Senseless Money-Grab

Nobody likes paying taxes but most of us are willing to pay our fair share for the good of the country. Justin Trudeau’s recent threat to impose a national carbon tax if the provinces refuse to apply their own will do no good for our country, nor yet for the climate. It’s a money-grabbing power-trip, plain and simple.

Mr. Trudeau shocked the nation and provincial leaders—especially Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall—when he broke the news during a meeting of provincial environment ministers…