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Police Protection for Pimps and Prostitutes?

When the world goes crazy, there seems no end to crazy solutions to self-inflicted problems. 

Addicted to harmful, illegal drugs? Get the government to open a designated shooting-up gallery so that you can pursue your destructive illegal habit without having to use dirty needles and most of all, without having to repent and change.

Caught a bad disease from using and abusing multiple sexual partners of either gender? Demand the government provide expensive drugs so that you can mitigate the damage and enjoy the dissipated lifestyle a little bit longer.

Unintentionally pregnant? How inconvenient. Must be the condom manufacturer’s fault, certainly not yours for seeking sexual fulfillment with a variety of partners. That’s an easy one: kill the baby (the taxpayers will pay for it). If anyone challenges you on this decision, have them thrown in jail.

Confused about who you really are? Can’t get no satisfaction? Try changing who you are. Get the government (ie. taxpayers) to pay for a sex change. Why let God define your gender? Who does He think He is anyway?

Just trying to make a little change by working the streets? Surely you deserve the protection of the state. After all, isn’t promiscuity some kind of Charter right? For far too long, police persons in Canada have been hindering the “personal development and career choices” of prostitutes and pimps. It’s time to demand that the government protect you and your right to full employment. Just because parents of teenaged girls want to spare them the anguish of sexual slavery, a debased image of themselves and the narrow and shrinking view of humanity as a purposeless, sensually-driven mass of writhing tissue, why should that keep you from doing whatever you want, whenever you want, with whomever you want?

This is the craziness of our age and our debased culture. Prostitutes who once knew they were doing wrong and selling themselves like pathetic cattle on the streets, now demand that we applaud their lifestyle choices and adjust our laws so that they can ply their trade freely, without a blush of shame and able to call for police protection if one of their morally bankrupt clients should get violent or refuse to pay. Here’s what legal-prostitution activist Anna-Aude Caouette had to say as this ludicrous case makes its way to the Supreme Court: ‘Criminalization means that, as sex workers, we have no access to the legal system or police protection.' 

What a world we live in. It’s bad enough that prostitutes and drug addicts look at the issues of life with confusion and lack of any moral framework. The real tragedy is that so many highly intelligent, highly-paid officials of parliaments, courts and media give these twisted views the coverage, the accommodation and the support that turns them into laws and practices that affect us all.

As I’ve quoted before, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” (Proverbs 9:10). If respect for the Creator God is the beginning of wisdom, that means that those who reject God have NO wisdom. Intelligence is not the same thing as wisdom. Intelligent persons can build a bomb, kill a baby, shoot up heroin or waste their short and nasty lives in a prostitute’s bed but WISE people will avoid all that and spend their days following the path of truth and justice, seeking to please God and nurturing healthy family relationships. A WISE society will not give credence to craziness but will provide protection for what is good and punishment for what is evil.

Let’s stop pretending that there is no difference between evil and good.

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