National Leader of the Christian Heritage Party of Canada

Witchcraft in Ottawa

Over the past year, news leaked out of Liberia that some politicians in that country routinely hire witch doctors to perform grisly child sacrifice rituals in hopes of gaining the approval of voodoo gods and winning electoral success in upcoming elections. As a result of this practice, many mothers keep their small children indoors ahead of political campaigns. The thought of people with consciences so seared as to steal, murder and disembowel young children and infants in hopes of power and material gain is repugnant to those of us raised in countries where human life is deemed to be sacred and political office is pursued through civil debate. 

When I first learned about this tragic situation and pondered the depths of depravity to which mankind occasionally descends, I realized suddenly that our politicians in Ottawa have struck similar deals with the devil and annually approve the blood-sacrifice of Canadian children to try to secure their own political fortunes.

Each year in Canada, in excess of 100,000 babies are sacrificed to the abortion demigods. No party leader in Ottawa today has clean hands. While putting on a show of "party values" and pretending to represent vastly different economic philosophies, the leaders of the four federal parties now represented in the House of Commons have one thing in common; in this they are blood brothers. Every one of them—including Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff, NDP leader Jack Layton and Bloc leader Gilles Duceppe—has sworn a covenant with the bloodthirsty principality known by the deceptive name of "Choice".

The Canadian Constitution begins by acknowledging that God is supreme. These men, by their words and deeds, have declared that "Choice" is supreme. Personal values must submit. Sanctity of human life must submit. Religious values must submit. The media must submit. MPs must submit. Personal preference must submit. The will of the people must submit. The consciences of public servants, of health care workers and doctors must submit. Freedom of speech must submit. Freedom of information must submit. Freedom of assembly and freedom of movement must submit. Medical research must submit. Rational debate must submit to this impostor, this arrogant and brutal tyrant called "Choice".

Under the unrelenting reign of this vicious and amorphous entity, areas around her sacrificial altars are set aside for her priests and victims only. Nowhere else in Canada do these "bubble zones" exist but where infant blood runs down and the stifled cries of their victim-mothers is heard in the abortion clinics of Vancouver and Toronto, those sworn to uphold our freedoms become mercenaries to the commands of "Choice". They arrest those guilty of no crime and imprison those attempting to rescue the perishing.

Where "Choice" holds court on college and university campuses, those uncovering her falsehoods and wickedness are denied their freedoms, denied their rights, denied their legitimate value as citizens with something to say.

When "Choice" senses the displeasure of the public or fears the revealing of her secret sins, she calls the heads of media, the press, the rulers of airwaves. She may use dulcet tones or she may use threats but she reminds them that she values her privacy and holds them responsible to protect her from unwanted inquiry.

Other information may be requested from governments and from public figures but the numbers of babies sacrificed at the altars of "Choice" are withheld in British Columbia.

All across this country, armies of people wear armbands, go jogging, donate money and hold days of remembrance for victims of breast cancer but when research is presented powerfully demonstrating a link between abortion and breast cancer, the loyal guards protecting "Choice" conspire to conceal this information from the public.

In Canada, lobbyists for many causes raise their banners and hold forth in a variety of media but when this issue is raised the adherents of "Choice" begin spouting phrases designed to intimidate and suppress. "You can't legislate morality" we are told. What else is there to legislate? Why have laws against murder or theft or perjury? Are these not moral issues as well? "Don't call it murder. Don't call it killing. Call it 'Choice'." By bowing to this pressure, politicians bow to the idol.

"Choice" may be a nickname. "Choice" may be a misnomer. "Choice" may be a euphemistic pseudonym for the savage killing of the innocent. But our political leaders in Ottawa tremble at her name. They bow before her shrines. They worship her with words and sacrifice on her altars. They acknowledge her as supreme and in so doing forfeit the honour offered by God to those who "tremble at His Word". They declare their rebellion against the God who made man "in His image", the One who "formed him in the womb". In refusing to defend innocent human life, they judge themselves unworthy of His promises and covenants. They witness against themselves: "When the righteous are in authority the people rejoice but when the wicked bear rule, they mourn."

There is only one federal political party in Canada committed to the defence if innocent human life "from conception to natural death". That is the Christian Heritage Party. Along with all party members, CHP leader Jim Hnatiuk refuses to bow to this death-dealing "Choice" but chooses to serve the living God. Until the demonic power of witchcraft is broken in Ottawa, our nation cannot prosper as God intends.

About the Author

Rod is committed to the growth and development of CHP Canada across the country. His focus is to see membership expand and to equip our members with the tools they need to effectively organize in every province and electoral district of Canada.