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Conservatives Resume Planned Parenthood Funding

“Buddy, can you spare $6 million? I won’t use it to buy liquor, honest....” Chances are, you’ve been asked—at least once in your life—to “ a guy out. I’m hungry. No, I won’t buy a bottle; I just want a sandwich. I haven’t eaten for days.” When the unhappy person standing before you reeks of alcohol, it’s easy to presume one or two things:

  • This person recently had enough money to purchase alcohol in some form.
  • This person may be unemployed or unemployable due to excessive consumption of alcohol, perhaps on a regular basis.
  • This person may be seeking money for the purpose of purchasing more alcohol.
  • This person may be self-deceived and unwilling or unable to be brutally honest about his or her aspirations, eagerness to change or to seek employment.

Regardless of the specific circumstances and the moral angst many of us may feel at such a time (wanting to help but not wanting to enable more self-destructive behaviour) any rational person can quickly reason this way: assuming that the penniless person asking for help is genuinely hungry and not just, well, thirsty...any loonies, toonies, quarters or dimes we may give—even if used only for food—allow that person to devote any other funds that may be acquired to the purchase of drink or drugs.

That means that “compartmentalizing” our personal charity in no way reduces the likelihood that the individual in question will continue to pursue destructive personal choices. Even buying a meal for such a person—while funnelling our little contribution into “food”—enables the reallocation of any other resources to the purchase of enslaving substances which tend to keep the person self-deceived, unemployable and dependent on the good will of others.

Now about that $6 million...International Cooperation Minister Bev Oda is at it again and her Conservative Party leader, the Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper is giving her leeway to pander to the radical feminists at Planned Parenthood. Their funding ( $6 million over 3 years) has been restored as long as they “don’t use if for abortions”. Life lesson alert for the Conservatives: if you give Planned Parenthood $6 million it will help them promote their worldwide agenda of abortion, contraception and the early sexualisation of children who later become their clients. Planned Parenthood is the biggest abortion provider in the world. They are smart enough to take money from the Canadian government, put it into an account called “non-abortion” and move other funds into their “abortion” accounts. In short, they are philosophically abortion –oriented. Everything they do supports abortion and access to abortion. If we help them print a brochure, we are helping them provide abortions. If we fly their staff to a meeting in Tanzania (where abortions are illegal), we are helping them provide abortions in India where they are not.

We wouldn’t fund the mafia if they wanted to host a “Children’s Day” would we? Even with assurances that none of the money would be used to commit crime? We wouldn’t fund a KKK rally in Cincinnati if they promised to avoid mentioning racial issues at that event would we? Giving money to an abortion provider who promises (wink! wink!) to not use the money for abortions is no more credible.

It’s time we held this government to a higher standard. The games played around this issue are not only hypocritical and deceptive but they insult the intelligence of Canadians. ANY money given to Planned Parenthood will contribute to the annual slaughter of the unborn around the world. If that’s what the Conservatives want, they should be honest and tell prolife Canadians that they are not and never will be prolife. They support abortion and abortion providers. 

If, however, they desire to actually protect innocent human life with their long-awaited majority, they should remove Bev Oda from her position, rescind this duplicitous grant to the largest baby-killing organization in the world and take their place in history. I’m not holding my breath but I’m willing to be surprised...

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