National Leader of the Christian Heritage Party of Canada


The Christian Heritage Party of Canada and Rod Taylor recognizes euthanasia and/or assisted suicide as bad public policy and would reject any laws being established to this end.

CHP Canada views euthanasia and assisted suicide as an unacceptable response to any situation, whether it is a terminal or incurable illness or a chronic condition. CHP Canada recognizes that changing the law could result in some people feeling pressured and considering themselves or their loved one ‘better-off –dead.’ Others may feel obliged to justify why they want to continue treatment and consider it their ‘duty to die.’

CHP Canada will not put older Canadians at risk by creating new paths to elder abuse as well as putting at risk the lonely and those living with disabilities.

CHP Canada policies advocate a return to intimate and strong family relationships, which - promote hope and significantly reduce the pain of dying alone and lonely.

All Canadians should have access to quality pain control — no matter where they live. CHP Canada believes in killing the pain, not the patient. Pain control and palliative care should be given a much higher priority in medical training so that every Canadian can benefit.

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