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Madame Justice—Pimping from the Bench

On March 27, the Ontario Court of Appeal ruled that “living off the avails of prostitution” was a violation of the rights of whores and pushed the legalization of prostitution to new and unheard-of depths. Where society once understood its responsibility to care for the vulnerable, to promote long-term, committed relationships rather than casual, drive-by, flow-through, throwaway sex (which demeans and demoralizes one of God’s great gifts to humanity), today, our acceptance of gutter language and gutter behaviour results in decision which reduce our sense of dignity to animal instincts, money and control.

By failing to uphold the laws against selling one’s body, the court has effectively become a pimp, pushing another wave of misguided and helpless young women into a life from which they may never recover. The court ruled that prostitutes will be able to legally hire “bodyguards.” These “bodyguards” for the sex trade will not be noble and courageous volunteers like those men who keep the head of the President or the Prime Minister. No, the aggressive, lazy and useless types who will latch onto such easy “work” will be the type of violent, dominant and demanding leeches who hang out in bars, leering and looking for a fight or a pick-up.

It’s tragic and shocking to see the learned judges of this land siding with the crude and self-flaunting women who brought this ridiculous case to their bench. But more tragic still is the sinking feeling one gets when one realizes how few in our society even see the problem. When the masses allow themselves to be numbed by the dumb-down, taxpayer-funded media—so that questions about elevating the poor and unfortunate are framed in the context of promoting the sale of women’s bodies—we are already reaping the results of a couple of generations weaned from common sense, decency and a sense of mankind’s intended purpose and character. Polls from across the country indicate a large segment of society, if not an outright majority, have been conditioned to accept the perverse views pontificated by the court. Selling one’s soul is even worse than selling one’s body. This court has invited Canadians to do both. By promoting the degradation of women, they have both prostituted themselves to the spirit of the age and set themselves up as “bodyguards” for the flesh market. The young girls (and boys) who will be drawn into the vortex and destroyed will pay with their wasted lives but the pompous politicians, lawyers and judges who are “living off the avails” will continue to collect their fat pensions. Pimps with dignity.

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