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Cross-Dressing “Conservatives” Expose Themselves in the House (Oh My!)

While the mainstream media offers diversions to the public—such as Jason Kenney’s apology following his non-apology (for using gutter language in his dismissive misfired missive about Alberta’s deputy premier Thomas Lukaszuk)—many in the country missed a much more significant bit of news from the House. Fifteen “Conservative” MPs voted in favour of Bill-279, a bill giving special rights to transsexual / transgendered people and viewed by many social conservatives as likely to expose children to further attacks on their biological sexual identity.

The bill passed second reading as a direct result of the support it received from the “Conservative” MPs. In addition to the fifteen who supported it, another sixteen were either absent or abstained, including the Prime Minister, Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird and MP James Moore, Minister of Canadian Heritage. Both Moore and Baird have supported the advancement of the “gender agenda” in the past.

For those Canadians who care about these things, especially those who have held out hope for a renewed protection of family values and a return to standards of public decency, this abandonment of such a key area of public policy should come as a shock. But do people even notice? Has the absurdity of a “Conservative” government doing the dirty work of leftist social de-engineering caught the attention of those who worked so hard to get them elected?

Words should mean something. When politicians masquerade as something they are not, it should ruffle some feathers. It should open some eyes. Even if what is so glaringly obvious is not a pretty picture. 

We pay for the mutilation of bodies—“gender reassignment”—in many ways. It takes precious health care dollars. It distorts reality for our young people and, if the proponents of this bill have their way, it will put women and young people at increased risk of assault. Those who have rejected the natural, healthy relationships for which we are designed in favour of perversion and shocking titillation have thrown out the anchor, the compass and the map.

Now we are paying for another “reassignment”: that of politicians who appeared to be “Conservative” but, after being elected, found they were in need of a “new political persona.” Perhaps they fall into that vague category sometimes referred to as “two-spirited.” We used to call that “double-tongued.” In order to clarify the state of affairs for Canadians, it might be more honest if those “Conservatives” who have abandoned the values that were mistakenly assigned to them in the past, to simply complete the transition, cross the floor to the NDP and have an “outing.” They’ve already exposed their agenda.

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