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Calling Evil Good and Good Evil

This week we’ve seen another reflection of Isaiah’s lament: “Woe to them that call evil good and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” In Ottawa, we’ve seen—on Wednesday—the passage at 3rd reading of C-279, the Transgendered Bill which gives special attention to the feelings and wishes of those with gender identity and gender orientation distinctives. As most know who followed this bill, also known as the “Bathroom Bill” (because it may lead to unisex bathrooms in certain places), the bill passed 3rd reading thanks to the support of some 17 Conservatives: Jim Flaherty, John Baird, James Moore, Lisa Raitt,  John Duncan, Erin O’Toole, Bernard Trottier, Terrence Young, David Wilks, Laurie Hawn, Michael Chong, Chris Alexander, Shelly Glover, Kellie Leitch, Cathy McLeod, Deepak Obhrai and Gerald Keddy. 

That was the first shoe to drop. The other one hit the floor on Thursday (before Mr. Flaherty’s new shoes were on display for the budget) when the Sub-Committee on Private Members’ Business —with two Conservatives on it—played to the piper’s tune and voted unanimously to rule MP Mark Warawa’s Motion-408 non-votable, effectively helping the PM to avoid debating gendercide (sex-selective abortion) in Parliament.  Mr. Warawa, to his credit, immediately declared his intention to challenge this undemocratic move and we wish him every success in his valiant efforts to bring Parliament’s attention and that of all Canadians to this gross violation of human rights. As he has correctly stated, the issue now at the core of this bullying tactic is the democratic process itself.

And that’s all before the budget was delivered this afternoon, which—of course—brought its own disappointments and predictable pork. The point is that Members of Parliament rallied around special rights for transgendered and transsexual people, proudly calling “good” the loss of privacy for young girls, the masking of perversion and dysfunction by creating the false perception at all levels of society that people are routinely born into the “wrong bodies”, and the smug approval of yet one more sexual subset of the human race as “normal”, yet possessing special rights.

Members of that same Parliament—albeit only a handful of committee members directed by their inner-circle trainers—deemed “evil” the attempt by Mr. Warawa to expose and confront gendercide, the disturbing practice of doctors killing baby girls so that their parents can raise boys instead. 

So the bad guys are elevated and the good guys are vilified. I guess it’s nothing new. Jesus himself was called a blasphemer.  Lot was maligned for failing to conform to the wicked practices of the Sodomites among whom he lived.

So if those around us—including those occupying the highest offices in the land—demand that we bow the knee to their idols and approve their wicked deeds, we must choose “the reproach of Christ”. We must choose to accept being misunderstood, rather than defiling our own consciences and being completely without excuse. 

The beginning of the failure of cowards is in their willingness to submit to the language of their conquerors, to allow their words to lose meaning. The truth will set us free but the acceptance of falsehoods and half-truths will condemn us to confusion and tyranny. Let us speak the truth in love and encourage those around us to do the same.

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